The Grand Masquerade is a 4-piece rock band based in Stockholm, known for their unique imagecombining 80’s rock culture with the Venetian Opera and late 19th Century Masquerade scene.

The band started out as a studio project by John Sebastian, however more extensive plans evolved. He developed the band by contacting his childhood friend and former bandmate Freddy Claye, as well as closefriend IvveDanelli.  With one spot left to be filled,Ivve then reached out to Martin Rhyder, whom he had met years earlier and even studied music production with.

With the line-up complete, John proposed to use the name The Grand Masquerade, which Ivve had originally planned to use with an earlier project he had but was never launched.  With the name chosen, John then introduced the idea of the Venetian Opera and Masquerade theme into the band to further enhance their name and image. 

The first time the quartet stepped into the rehearsal studio there was an instant chemistry as everything fell magically into place; The Grand Masquerade was ready to take on the world! Martin provided the strong, solid rhythmic foundation they needed to build on, while Ivve’s experience in the music industry, outstanding songwriting abilities, and powerful vocal range becamea valuable asset for them.  As a natural front-man with an energetic and expressive stage presence, Freddy brought with him the ability to utilize his charismatic personality and style, blendingvocals with unique harmonies while simultaneously completing out the rhythm section.  As the creator of the band, not only does John have excellent skills with shredding a guitar and composing warm melodic hooks, but his knowledge and passion for production and mixing is proven on every track.

The music genre is best associated with AOR, Melodic and Glam Rock. The musical inspiration is influenced by bands like KISS, Queen, and Def Leppard among others, while the music itself is exceptionally arranged with a modern twist. This is not your average rock band, nor is it just another rock show. The mystique from the masquerade is integrated with the energy from rock music to create an extraordinary audience experience and event.

Consider this your exclusive invitation to The Grand Masquerade…


The Grand Masquerade is:

Freddy Claye – Lead Vocals and Bass
Ivve Danelli – Lead Vocals and Guitar
John Sebastian – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Martin Rhyder – Drums and Backing Vocals


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