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More and more music is consumed on the various streaming services, or downloaded from various torrent sites. The small sum per played song that goes to the artist from for example Spotify is downright ridiculous low. 10000 play´s maybe enough for a candy bar at most, and then it should also be shared with all bandmembers.
The same applies to the physical CD because the quantity sold declined dramatically. If a CD with a smaller band sells between 1000-3000 for example. It is in this context a high figure. Here is the compensation to the artist is about 1 USD per CD sold. Then you should keep in mind that it can take up to 2 years before the artist sees any of that money. If you are 4-6 members in the band so ... Yes, you get the picture. Someone makes money on the music, but unfortunately it is not the artists.
This means that it is almost impossible for most bands to support themselves on their music, so most of them have a regular job and the music may be an expensive hobby at leisure. Unfortunately, it still cost a lot of money to record and produce new tiles professionally, not talk about all the time necessary to accomplish this.
There are music-lovers still and fans to the bands who buy CDs but they become rapidly less and less. Therefore, it would make a huge difference if the physical CD's that are still sold is purchased directly from the artist, rather than by traditional channels such as stores, or various web shops. It can last as little as 400-500 copies, to finance a full production of a new album by your favorite band.
Therefore Scandirock Network humbly ask all music-loving fans who still want to support their favorite band and see them live on a stage near you in the future. Buy the CDs DIRECTLY from the bands. Buy T- shirts and other merch DIRECTLY from the bands. In that way you can help to support your favorite bands and help keep Scandirock Network alive. Because one thing is for sure. Scandirocks. HARD !