Dist FM Web Rock Radio
During the summer of 2012 the idea was born to create something unique for everyone who loves hard rock. Dist FM will launch a unique radio in the way that both will recognize the classics, but also create opportunities for the new and upcoming bands.

The station will be launched in Scandinavia, with the main focus on Sweden. We expect to establish ourselves very quickly and pick listening shares from both the commercial network and also from other rock stations in Scandinavia.

Have you get tired of the "only" broadcast the same songs over and over, when you know that there is an infinite amount of good music never heard on the radio, then you should listen to us. We will send "everything", from what we like, to what you want and what you want to hear.

The people behind Dist Fm love hard rock and has extensive experience from both the radio and the life as performers. We will ask the questions you want answered from the bands, and we give unsigned bands a chance to be heard on the air. We will also make special programs and contests, says the overall management of Dist FM.

The station is run without commercial purposes and is included in the radio network Play Factory, which already operates Dance & rnbstationen Jam fm.se. We have entered into a unique collaboration which enables a quick launch of both the service and the development of the business.

For questions regarding DistFms business contact in the first place Janne Gustafsson, Annika Lewin or Madde Svärd included in the association's board of Distfm.

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